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I am an artist by trade, software engineer in the cloud computing industry by profession. The Venn Diagram of art and development has a lot more overlap than you’d imagine as both fields are creative and share a multitude of ideas, principles, and driving forces. So when I took an unconventional path to becoming a software engineer, much of my prior art experience helped to shape my current career and reinforce my admiration for both art and software development.

I wanted to share a piece of my story because:

  1. Back in my early days of college, it felt like a…

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This article was originally published on the Vultr Blog here and adapted for Medium.

For Vultr users, navigating the members portal and using the v2 API to manage your services is a familiar process, but have you tried our Vultr CLI (command line interface)? Vultr CLI, our Go-powered open-source utility, allows you to effortlessly work with your instances, block storages, firewalls, and more — all from within your terminal. …

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Today’s tip is inspired by my noob struggles working with open source code.

I’ve recently been writing code for a variety of open source projects and I’m sharing the small amount of knowledge I have to solidify what I know and in hopes that maybe it can help someone.

If you’ve never contributed to open source, it can be daunting at first, but there’s repos out there where you can make a small difference and build confidence. Check here for some ideas, or check some of your favorite repos or organizations for issues or features labeled as good for beginners…


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